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About us

Offering commercial diving solutions across all sectors Inshore and Offshore, TAG Diving Services, based in Durban, South Africa, has established itself as the client preferred company for reliable, honest, timeous and dynamic solutions for projects associated to harbours, dams, lakes, rivers, pipelines, reservoirs, (potable, industrial, sewerage). TAG expertise encapsulates all diving sector skillsets
Saturation, Mixed Gas, or Air Interventions
(Inspections/ Verifications/ Surveys/ Repairs/ Salvage)

Marine Construction Support

Welding – wet, habitat & coding 

Cement Works

General Civils Offshore
General Civils Onshore – Inland/ Harbour
SBM Management & Maintenance Support
Survey Support
Dredging Management
TAG adheres to the highest level of professional diving standards – TAG is accredited with IMCA, and aspires to apply International Standards to every project.
TAG grows local diving talent accordingly – preparing divers for safe, healthy and professional approaches – initially to Inshore projects, then towards joining the International community of professional divers.
In growing & broadening diver skills, TAG continues to grow as a company, and as a result, now forms part of the OSC Marine Group – capable to offer worldwide services with no logistical hindrances.
The OSC Marine Group has adopted TAG’s philosophy, and joins with foreign partners with a view to passing on the Group’s experience, knowledge and skills towards nurturing local individuals that have a love for water and seek a career of adventures.
The OSC Marine Group supports diving projects with equipment inline with OGP & IMCA guidelines and standards. To this end, where feasible, The Group applies the concept of being ‘Locally-Asseted’ – seeking locally sourced plant and equipment to support projects and thereby local economies.
Whether your requirements involve fresh or salt-water, contaminated or clean, high, low or no visibility, TAG and the OSC Marine Group can assist using any methodology – Air, Mixed Gas or Saturation.

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