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TAG Diving Services has the capacity to manage all facets of SBM maintenance – from installation to routine maintenance and planned component renewals.

TAG can assist with :

  • Floating hose renewals – full strings or sections
  • Subsea hose renewals – full string, sections, buoyancy aid replacement / renewal
  • Surface pipework renewals – bolted and welding, valve and bearing renewals
  • Full SBM changeout
  • Paint / cathodic protection survey – turntable and skirt
  • Anchorleg integrity inspection / survey
  • Anchorleg replacement – full or shackle segments
  • P.L.E.M (Pipeline End Manifold) Inspection – CP / UT Survey – sand scour
  • Full pipeline inspection – video survey combined with sidescan sonar / bathymetry
  • Pipleine corrosion mapping (Sonomatic)

 Additionally, TAG offers long term maintenance strategy assistance.